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Ours is a troubled world where old and new democracies alike are existentially challenged, and where

nation-states, despite their best efforts, are often dysfunctional. In this world, the remarkable role cities

and their mayors and citizens are playing in dealing with such intractable issues as climate change, mass immigration, pandemic diseases, terrorism, global markets in jobs, finance and commodities, and other brute interdependent problems is both astonishing and promising.

And while we know no single institutional reform will comprise salvation, we believe we stand on the threshold of a global revolution in democratic governance in which cities and urban leaders, public and private alike can and will make the difference.

On September 19th (2014), the Global Parliament of Mayors project Third Planning Session meets in Amsterdam for a unique gathering of mayors, their advisors, intercity associations, urban planners, private sector executives and leaders in culture, climate change, migration, digital technology and security.  The Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) was first introduced in Professor Benjamin Barber’s recent book, If Mayors Ruled the World, Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities, and has rapidly generated interest and support around the world.

Following the Planning Session, the first GPM Interdisciplinary Workshop will be held on Monday September 22nd at Leiden University, The Hague, where forty experts on governance, place making and digital technology will further define the outcomes of the Friday Session, to produce a blueprint for the convening of the pilot Global Parliament of Mayors in London, in September 2015.


via Benjamin Barber, interdependence movement, et al..