giftival manish

a global gathering & celebration of our gift communities.

We invite you to PLAY, LEARN, DREAM, CO-CREATE together with other visionaries, practitioners, paradigm-shifters !

By witnessing and appreciating our own gifts and the gifts of others, we want to invite  the possibility for the organic unfolding our whole beings and to deepen our calling to serve the collective well-being of all life.

October 11 – 14, 2013

Istanbul, Turkey

At this time, GIFTIVAL is bringing together a group of people who are focusing on gift economy and gift culture as part of their core work in the world. Our intention is to create a deep dialogue around our experiences and wisdom, based on our particular work, projects and ideas.

some of the co-creators: Charles Eisenstein, Aerin Dunford, ..

intro’d to giftival by Manish..


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