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the arc – oh the arc… [resonated with detox]


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Gever Tulley: The Tinkering School Philosophy and Mainstream Schools fromEwan McIntosh on Vimeo.the tinkering school advice-

do less teaching.. and let students take more responsibility for own learning.

1) self directed projects… discovery days… taking apart an existing device – exploration
2) design thinking – come up with a theme, etc
3) allow them to do those projects

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we can offer the kids time
leave with a deep internal realization that you can figure things out by fooling around.
success is in the doing, and failures are celebrated and analyzed
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scaling an innovation to change the world for good, would be really cool. we all like superheroes. no?

[imagine one man, say sal khan, was enough to intrigue us all into unsatiated curiosity about the universe. imagine gever tulley could get us all tinkering more. imagine sugata mitra could get us all to hand out resources and get out of the way more. imagine if the only thing any of us really needed was an ipad.]

most of us like shiny things, we like to see answers. but even if we did find a silver bullet solution – to redefining public ed, or whatever, it would never exponentiate the hastening of equity and the ongoing sustainability, the thrivability, as much as scaling the individual would.

more about Gever as posted on the tedxbloomington site:

Gever Tulley has made it his mission to re-introduce the world to children: the real world as revealed through unscripted, hands-on, meaningful learning experiences. He says, Children today are increasingly treated like exotic animals: kept in special cages and fed a diet of pre-digested ideas, lest they skin a knee or have an original thought but there is great value in the minor scrape or bruise and the lessons that they teach. So he celebrates the plans that go awry, the spectacular failures, the magnificent successes, the unexpected discoveries, and the ideas that are just so big that they must be tried. He appreciates the empty carton, the empty lot next door, the broken clock that begs to be dismantled, and the tree with branches spaced perfectly for climbing. He treasures the really good stick and the lovely bit of string. He is thankful for duct tape, but loves the well-placed screw.

As a teen, Gever’s famous babysitting rule was: If you’re going to play with fire, we have to go outside. Mostly self-taught, he was once a computer scientist but is more widely known for founding Tinkering School, his book Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do), and Beware Dangerism! (a TED single), and Brightworks, a new K-12 school he is starting in San Francisco.


social fiction – vision, with Brightworks et al, in city as school..


Brightworks family end of year dinner – 2013:

brightworks end of year dinner 2013

and what looks like.. middle of the year adventure:

brightworks swinging couch


walking tour before school starts sept 2013:


Making More Makers: TEDxKrakow

Published on Dec 10, 2013

they were working an 8-10 hour day at a camp that was supposed to be a vacation for them…

the school itself became a project..

we decided we would be the school that said yes…

we treated the city as an extension of our school, the people we meet as experts…

let’s be brave..