false confessions

2016 tedx via @LMalloy

4 min – youth are esp vulnerable to providing false confessions.. ie: one study 8% of adults and 42% of juveniles gave false confessions

5 min – 97% of cases in the us are resolved by pleas .. not trials..

6 min – it’s legal to blatant lie to the accused.. more than 80% threatened by police.. makes them feel like denials are pointless

7 min – more than 70% said cops tried to befriend them.. telling them.. it will make things easier.. hints of leniency.. confessing brings an immediate reward..

10 min – only 7% had ever had a parent/attorney in the room w questioning.. over 90% give up their miranda rights.. (to have parent/attorney)

13 min – put all this together.. as a country.. we’ve decided that juveniles cannot be trusted w voting.. buying cigarettes..  attending an r rated movie.. or driving..  but they can make the judgment call to waive their  miranda rights