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Eric’s popular video/mix is such a great inspiration/resonation to so many things.

esp love how Michael describes it about 11 min into his tedxkc:

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

he describes it as the layered – ness we now can access.. and as we listen to Eric layering, Michael layers on Ushahidi, et al..


here’s the full thing:

Virtual Choir – ‘Lux Aurumque’

Uploaded on Mar 21, 2010

Love this? Watch Virtual Choir 2.0 with 2052 people singing “Sleep” –…

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His ground-breaking Virtual Choir, Lux Aurumque, received over a million views on YouTube in just 2 months (now 3 million), featuring 185 singers from 12 different countries. Virtual Choir 2.0, Sleep, was released in April 2011 and involved over 2,000 voices from 58 countries. Virtual Choir 3, Water Night, received 3,746 submissions from 73 counties and launched at Lincoln Center, New York and revealed online in April 2012. The latest, Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise, released in July 2013, received over 8,400 submissions from 101 countries and launched at the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace/BBC 1.


Now this is cool. Let’s do a lot more stuff like this.

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