emotionally intelligent signage

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getting people to think about the spaces they are in.. rather than slam a bunch of rules/policy..

via Dan Pink


our first intro:

saturday, december 12, 2009

operation RAD

Reform and Development (RAD): TV Stuco’s new mission to make the school building a better place to be…seeing as how we spend umpteen hours a week there.
For starters, we are planning on:1. inspirational posters some RAD *emotionally intelligent signage.

On emotionally intelligent signage – mostly via Daniel Pink’s site:

look here for a short film on the idea.
Here are just a few of his examples/ideas:

Take a look on his site for more ideas….or just look around.

Also might add Seth Godin’s suggestion to tie a person with every rule..

Hopefully we’ll incorporate some of Volkswagen’s thefuntheory.com ideas as well.

2. causes (uganda beads, fast, homeless, help others)
3. hall ceilings – windows some RAD color,
4. courtyard/outside – garden
5. ? school site?… poll, etc


monday, october 1, 2012

emotionally intelligent signage

verbiage of dan pink..fears erased daily, curiosities facilitated daily.