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We call this body a “Future Center” — a physical, organizational, community space at the disposal of all the residents and organizations operating in the town, to create a town-wide vision operating according to the principles of a “sustainable community.” The goal of the center was to create a civil system of decision making, connected to the local council’s process of decision making.Implemented in Be’er Sheva

1. A place for discourse of “mixing colors” — an opportunity for encounters that don’t usually take place, among people from different fields.

2. A “future museum” — future images of the contents

3. An “innovation laboratory” — a lab to accelerate innovation and initiative, through creative thinking, fruitful sharing of ideas

4. A “learning center” for the development of training programs for teahcers.
Some of this vision is also written up incredibly well in Matt Hern‘s Everywhere All the Time.
education cities as seen in a vision of city as school.

taped during coffee talk (p 2 and p 3) on day 2 of idec 2013.