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We help education leaders make better informed, more relevant decisions for today’s complex, fast-changing world of learning.


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A publication that focused on the future of teaching and learning with technology but one that steered clear of the corporate clamoring for a technological world in which education was more automated and standardized. A publication that addressed the challenges and opportunities of education in a world of economic precarity and information abundance and that stopped to consider how the hell we were going to help all kids negotiate and survive.


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p 21-22 (Will):

in my travels to hundreds of schools, my sense is there’s not enough “disorientation” happening….there’s no shortage of changes and “innovations” to unsettle us. but none of these developments “sever gravity,” so to speak. they serve to disorient us only at a micro level because primarily they are on top of a deeply nostalgic vision of what an “education” should be. we have yet to understand the larger, more macro changes that should really make our heads spin.

theres not enough

how does a system of schooling built on predictability prepare students for challenges that are less predictable.