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above is a capture of Dorian saying (via interview linked below):

my generation has the internet.. i feel like that’s enough right there..

Dorian Electra is a singer, song-writer, film-maker, and visual artist, known for especially unusual, creative works like pop music videos espousing the principles of Austrian economics and milk.

Dorian Electra is a musical artist and video director. Her work includes educational music videos about economics and “PARTY MILK” — a song, music video, and online media campaign about milk-drinking, cookie-eating dance parties. She studies history and philosophy of science at Shimer College in Chicago and is writing her thesis about the science of human consciousness.

Dorian on connected learning:

dorian on cl

Dorian describing party milk about 18 min in

it is interesting to see what our culture is.. and it doesn’t have to be like that..

Civic Paths@civicpaths
@DORIANELECTRA: “No need for market research, look to immediate social feedback. What sticks!” #civicpaths


feb 2013 – interview with – at international students for liberty conference in dc:

4 min – Dorian is asked if this is a world she’s looking forward to.. where you’re going to be told to do more things, to have to pay more taxes to get better benefits…

my generation has the internet.. i feel like that’s enough right there..

Dorian’s fav quote from Friedrich Hayek

The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.


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Electra graduated from School of the Woods, a Montessori high school in Houston. In 2010, she enrolled at Shimer College, a very small and unconventional Great Books college in Chicago. Her grandmother had also attended Shimer in the 1940s.

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Dorian has discovered that writing songs allows her to test her knowledge about the subjects she’s passionate about while communicating them to others in a fun and engaging way. She has written songs about math, quantum physics, and teeth-brushing — her most popular is a love song to dead Austrian economist, Friedrich Hayek, which gained unexpected popularity on YouTube in 2010.