documenting – idec & convos


  • easiest – most natural: hashtags et al via twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr..?

make sure you are connected to beth – @MsSandersTHS – so she can get idec digitals following your tweets

tech is fine with too much data – so go with your gut and post away – we’ll have it as a resource for future – if needed

pictures are cool – for lovelies who couldn’t come and for making of idec film

conversations – people’s voice – raw – huge – if you have means – please record people’s voice as much as possible – i could bring a lacie (honking usb) to download daily if that helps

ongoing storytelling – focus for idea – ie: pineridge project (huey’s take on – you can give people a voice)

convo as data – [app/site/brain– search coffee talkers] – to hasten time between finding the thing you can’t not do and finding your people/resources/spaces

virtual booth – youtube/google + hangouts/unhangouts beta


listen deeply – notice the unlikely – the silent majority – let’s leave a trail of that.. ness