disruptive innovation – us


disruption (as per Clay Christensen)

[a quiet revolution]

By design, we are currently in the shadows at the left end of the upward exponential curve. As we begin being, those most in love with the idea, experiment, fail, and tweak, continually making and being.

We’ve been experimenting with *transparent shadows:

* Transparent shadows: We are still obscure to those not intentionally seeking us out, because we aren’t selling, pushing, or prescribing anything.

We believe obscurity is key to self-directed learning, as imposed definition, routine, and focus on outcome, can encourage mindlessness.

We welcome the shadows, as we believe you may be more inclined to be working, doing, and failing there. You may be more inclined to be you there. Publicity often nudges us toward theory and meetings and defending and talking perfect case scenarios, and following the masses, more so than doing and being.

We believe in what we’re doing. And while we’re not selling or pushing, we believe we’re creating something your soul might just be craving.






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