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diane lauer bw

Diane has been an incredible link/support for this connected adjacency.. of city and school.. the lab.

She has been a Thompson R2-J educator since 1996. And is currently the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the Thompson School District.

Find more about her insight/energy/love here:

diane lauer's site

She is part of one of our vision videos.. on connections:

And she is a part of the PBS special: Is School Enough, that was screened at Harvard recently and will air in Sept 3, 2013.

PBS release date: Sept 3, 2013


On a personal side, Diane helped create a job position for me. It was after the experience Kellie offered up to me, that encouraged me to take the leap of writing my own job description.

The day Diane got it all worked out and let me know… she said these magical words.. just keep doing what you’re doing.

Huge power in that.

[forever grateful]

Everyone should get to hear that. That is part of the equity we are seeking.