diana rhoten

diana rhoten 5 bw

first met her here
about 27 min in


then – thanks to Howard:

Beyond Educational Technology: Learning Innovations in a Connected Worldfrom DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

convo we haven’t had:
roll of tech..
not diff in tech, but diff in what they conceive to be the pedagogy and epistemology of ed

we’ve assumed we’re talking about the same end goals.. and not so true

in dml 2012 – let’s unpack our assumption of what are the primary purposes of learning, where does it happen, how does it happen

back convo up to that..
maybe we have differences of opinions…
this is a large scale problem
innovating a system… we need to understand where we can create this ecosystem of connected leaerning

call topics for conference…
this challenge is about large scale innovation, bold redefinition of ed and learning
practice and philosophy, people in it, content and experience, access and outcomes to and of

rather than picking one particular niche

making and tinkering, democracy, re-imagine content/context, implications for public ed

many convos have been outside of school system, how do we bring it into the system
that’s where the majority of youth are, so need to focus there.

cool jets – Diana says, …want to be provocative in the sessions..

k. glad i just bought my ticket.

— and i wasn’t disappointed in the voices of Diana and Connie and Mimi.. up close… dml2012.

grazie ladies.


below – reviving (perhaps) interest driven learning.. via digital media

getting done what needs to get done.

Diana Rhoten and Red Burns (Wrap-Up) from ITP Events on Vimeo.


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