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The Center for Design and Geopolitics is a think-tank based at Calit2 and the University of California, San Diego devoted to using Art and Design to develop new models for how planetary-scale computation transforms political, urban and ecological systems. D:GP was founded in 2010 by Visual Arts professor, Benjamin H. Bratton.

source of yet unimagined change

prototype ideas that make alternative technological cultures possible

how does a digital earth govern itself

we need to design that geopolitics

full version:

design brief measured in decades and centuries.. not hours and weeks

stacks displace maps.. ecologies displace domains.. pluralities displace identities

that which is but is yet unnamed.. that which is modeled but does not yet exist

the long now and the deep near

10^23 addresses per person.. the ultimate granularity of nano computing

nodes producing edges and edges governing nodes

a portfolio of modest proposals


intro’d via Benjamin Bratton


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