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at mit media lab – working on the idea – of (young) people solving their own local problems.. hack at home   – we have the capacity to solve our own problems



The sore problem of prosthetic limbs


invention generation:


Leroy – have to break the cocoon that the community is living in.. ie: that human waste is just waste

peepoople ness

how to expand –  it’s on all of us – to create spaces/opportunities for kids to change the world..

yes. expand via setting 7 billion people free.

short ness.


intro’d to David’s work a while back, then took him in via bif 10.. then revisit here:



at bif 10:

David M S – mit: place for dreaming. sierra leone: we have learned dependency. how to create for something that constantly changes. we’re not waiting for people to grow up, to get a degree, we’re simply asking – what is your moonshot. dreaming is free. i’m dreaming of a day..

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