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dave hakkens

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Could you speak about your decision to ask for publicity instead of money?

If I raised the money, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. To set this up we need a lot of people involved. First I had to show there is a huge market for this. Then companies will see they can make money and can start working together. The next step is to crowdsource — to set up a platform to actually start building.


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Dave Hakkens (@davehakkens) tweeted at 5:08 AM – 10 Apr 2018 :

How to prevent the next global problem: Watch The Darkside of Data video https://t.co/PJjojBXuj5 (http://twitter.com/davehakkens/status/983663103920496640?s=17)

it takes energy and material to store our data

the dark side.. we get tricked into using more.. co’s make money off it..massive industry

we can make sure this doesn’t become a global issue

the plan.. make people aware of the consequences.. ie: industry trying to trick you into consuming more data.. because there’s a big diff in consuming what you can and what you need