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craig watkins

His CLRN interview – jan 2013

ambivalence toward school.. loved after school time…

Such a recurring theme.

Imagine if we got everyone to the point of sharing how they really feel.

Perhaps we’d then get to the point of everyone really alive.


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Author & Univ. of TX Prof who studies youth digital & mobile behaviors, connected learning, the future of learning & life on the digital edge

Here Craig is on dmlcentral –

the young and the digital

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S. Craig Watkins is a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a media professional involved primarily with interactions between youth culture and the digital age. His research explores connections between race, culture, and education, as well as how certain aspects of media are affecting young adults. He has spoken at many American Universities, and has been a guest on National Public Radio as well as a speaker at media conferences across the country.

Here is Craig from summer 2012 – on

Connected Learning TV – S. Craig Watkins from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.


mediamatters. it is voice.

is respect


just meeting up with these people via plenary panel of dmlconference 2013. (Craig is lead this year)

dml 2013

Plenary Session #1: “Remixing Citizenship, Remaking Democracy” w/ Craig Watkinsdanah boydAstrid SilvaBiko BakerCathy Cohen

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