consuming kids (doc)


documentary made in 2008

convincing our children that life is about buying.. about getting.. turn them into life-long consumers

7 min & 27 min – Juliet Schor

70s – advertising to kids comes into its own

ban – based on sugar

deregulation of ads – 1984 – 4.2 billion.. today (2010) 40 billion

31 min – kid marketers – like pedophiles

33 min – not just marketing products – but values

36 min – it’s not bad to want to have nice things.. but don’t associate that with happiness

37 min – commercialization of childhood – profound remaking..

38 min – no one who is 17 is reading 17 mag… age 8 etc are reading it to see what it’s like to be 17. the speeding up of the age process.. now 6 yr old as tween

42 min – violence as entertaining

46 min – marketing is telling people what they need

47 min – no evidence for educational media.. which is being sold to parents’ insecurities.. – billion dollar industry

50 min – don’t agree with reason for not using media – ie: if they get so much stimulation they won’t be able to focus on teacher in school..

51 min – attachment is the key to success… authenticity – space to think 

53 min – raising kids that are never going to learn to amuse themselves or calm themselves down

55 min – in a way they’re being told their imagination is not good enough – the fundamental message that i need something outside of myself to play..