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Many have said there will be no revolution within the system, within the institution. While that makes mental sense, we also believe that the system, the institution, is where many of our best resources are, people in particular. Today, especially in education, even though many are breaking away to charter schools, online schools, homeschooling and unschooling, the masses reside in the system. Through a connected adjacency mentality we exist both in and out of the system. We spend more of our time playing offense, than defense. Nothing is for everyone, so we seek to facilitate non-prescribed learning. We started out creating spaces of freedom for a very small percentage to get at authentic experimentation and innovation. Spaces to test new ideas out within a community. Spaces where failure won’t affect or offset the whole, but unexpected, unknown, and delightful success will certainly and pleasantly benefit the whole.  Saul Kaplan, connected adjacency; google 20% – only perhaps 100? (see graphic below)

Two Loops: How Systems Change from The Berkana Institute on Vimeo.

Deborah Frieze on two loop theory of change.

Vital to authenticitysandbox immunity.

google 100%

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