connect ed – district vision


Do you love what you are doing/teaching/learning?

Do you love the chemistry gathered in all of your classes/courses?

If yes to both, no change needed. If you love what you are doing, you are most definitely already learning/innovating daily with your students/teachers. If you love what you are doing, you are most definitely participating wholeheartedly in life.

If no to either, or both, good news, the web now allows us to offer personal choice in public ed. Imagine that it’s as simple as changing up who’s together in a room/space. Let’s experiment with choices, no?

Let’s CONNECTed, let’s facilitate Your School Design It (Your PD Design It), allowing you/your network to optimize more options within the public school system. Interested students in grades 9-12 will personalize their own career path. Interested students in grades k-8 will experiment with a wide range of exposure along with continual pruning per their interests through guidance of their carefully selected network (ie: student, parent, mentor, teacher/facilitator, counselor, coach, family members, older students, future college students/professors, etc).

Mentors/teachers/facilitators will be able to showcase their course/style/portfolio to help learners with their choices. (like behance, or linkedin, where reputation based portfolios are housed/facilitated.) Both learners and mentors will be free to interact on whatever level serves them best. (ie: face-to-face, facebook, twitter, skype, text, etc.)

Authentic connections per choice provide authentic learning. Nothing is for everyone. Authentic monitoring of growth will be an option as well. Depending on a learner’s choice, creditation may come from transcript, portfolio, and or reputation. Learner may also choose a combination, or create any means of validation their network deems worthy of their path. These credentials could generally be determined by the learner’s network at the end of the course/year/project per the learner’s portfolio (or whatever other means deemed by the student’s network.) Wikipedia seems a most useful/beneficial space for everyone to collaboratively pool learning/validation.

The physical space for these per choice options, would be the resources within the entire district, as well as infinite virtual options. [ie: highschool buildings become resource centers for experimentation and meet-ups per choice, a district-wide art hall, engineering hall, etc, become physical spaces where the entire community pools resources and expertise. With the guidance of interdependent status (1-1 human), time together in a room can be sought out to matter.

Students/teachers/admin finding no current options within the district and/or virtually, may request the free space of the  InnovationLab. In the Lab, learners will generally be guided through detox in order to find/refine their passion and then design/hatch more options for themselves and/or the district. The vision of the Lab is that through hatching (think google 20% time) and then dispersing, innovation/learning lives not within a lab, but rather within each individual (teacher/student/admin/community member) within the district.

Learners gracefully and boldly seek out options that suit them in order to optimize their potential. One-to-one mentors are unearthed from unlikely places within the community. Creating serendipity becomes art. Labels diminish, for people and for disciplines. School as we know diminishes into a community-wide ecosystem of learners. Sharing becomes the focus. The benefit is seen in how we spend our hours in the day, how well we take care of each other, and how much we give back, ie: how has our health improved, our budget, wikipedia, … etc.

No more need for compulsory education, the non-linearity of the web is alluring to any learner, no matter what their curiosity. Let’s facilitate that.

slideshare visual – awakening indispensable people
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video version – awakening indispensable people
original manifesto on public ed – written in 2009

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