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hard core players: Philippe Greier, Martin Webber


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Speeding up the game development process of the ClearFear Game. That is what we came up with in Amsterdam and what is aligned with the idea with Martin of having a game camp in April next year!


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ClearFear is a real-life social game which brings people together to use their superpowers to complete missions and conquer fear

Come and play with us!

Be part of the secret smiling society and become a super-hero or secret agent. Your mission is to make people smile. Together we will dissolve the world of its fear. Let’s tackle missions with the support of a small team and create secret Headquarters along our way.


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Could fun be a new prescription for anxiety? Social work academic and registered social worker Martin Webber explains how a new crowdsourced project is testing it out.

Anxiety affects us all. Sometimes, a little bit is a good thing. It can sharpen our minds before a performance or help us to complete a piece of work, for example. More often, though, it can get in the way of leading a normal, productive life. Severe anxiety can stop us sleeping, going out and getting on with our lives.


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Playing leads to release of anxiety – so people don’t need to head to therapy… The game is about uncovering your strengths. – Martin Webber