chrisfino kenyatta leal



intro’d to Chrisfino via the last mile.. (16 min video)

7 min – numbers.. moneyss

9 min – named the last mile.. because ..inside to outside.. the most difficult part..platform plugs into usag

14 min – let results speak for themselves.. back first time since release in 2013 – and wants to take over for Chris and Beverly… Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal

Chrisfino writing for huffpo:


The Prison Startup | TEDxMarin – 2014

change is possible..

i found myself surrounded by a lot of people that were really supportive of this idea of change..

imagine.. a do-over.. for 7 bn.. a nother way

lot of people don’t believe that change is possible inside prison.. i’m proof (and others here..) proof that this works..


incarceration et al