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intro’d to Chris  – as shared on fb by Monica with this note:

This is compatible with what I’ve been doing. The SPAUN project is one of a handful of AI projects I believe in. I posted a list of these projects on my wall a while back.

They are modeling the brain, not modeling the world. This is key.

He talks about SPAUN making human-like mistakes. Contrast this with the opinion of Doug Lenat, who is running the CYC project. I asked him if AIs should be making human-like mistakes; his answer: “Absolutely not!”. That’s how far from reality Reductionist AI is.)

How to Build a Brain: at TEDxWaterloo 2013


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interview in 2011:

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Chris Eliasmith is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Further reflecting his interdisciplinary explorations, he is also Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Neuroscience and Director of the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. His research focuses on the interface between Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience and the philosophy of science and cognitive science, and ranges across – and seeks to integrate – experimental and theoretical territories from animal behavior to memory, emotions and decision making, and dynamic systems theory.

published 2013:

how to build a brain



was he on mit talks?