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[mairangi bay, auckland, new zealand]

Tokyo is a crowded metropolis, but you can still pick fruit from trees on public land, a returning academic says.

Chris Berthelsen, 35, is back home in Mairangi Bay, finding out if Aucklanders are enjoying the same access to free, urban produce.

After spending 10 years in Japan, including earning his masters degree in international business, Mr Berthelsen says one of the big differences between Tokyo and Auckland that may have an impact on urban produce is density.

“Tokyo is dense. You can see everything, nothing is hidden behind walls. In Tokyo you notice what’s around,” he says.

In Auckland, most houses have enclosed gardens, Mr Berthelsen says.

Cottage industries like fruit-bottling, jam and preserve making are shared between friends and family rather than total strangers, he says.

But sharing the fruit of their labours is a good opportunity for strangers to connect, he says.

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If we want to begin to understand how children live in their environment, and what they do (and can do) we must (at least sometimes) stop giving them things and instead give them the opportunity to show us the spaces in which they move around. 

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