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Co-Founder & CEO
The Levo League (on this site)
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Caroline Ghosn is Co-Founder and CEO of The Levo League, an innovative online community designed to guide Gen Y professional women through modern career challenges and development.

Caroline Founded The Levo League in 2011 after three + years at McKinsey & Company, immersed in projects spanning from Cleantech to philanthropy. Caroline met Levo League Co-Founder Amanda Pouchot on the first day of the job, where the two were the youngest in their respective assignments and frequently the only women.

As a growing young professional in a traditional corporate environment, Caroline found herself not knowing where to turn to address her questions or the needs she was experiencing as a young woman in the workplace. A natural leader and savvy business woman, Caroline founded The Levo League to offer other young professional women a resource for the guidance she was seeking during her early years.

Caroline graduated from Stanford University in 2008 with a B.A. in International Political Economy and Environmental Economics. Caroline has lived in 6 countries and speaks four languages. She currently resides in Manhattan, New York and is passionate about social enterprise, design thinking, levelling the professional playing field, and eco-movements.


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Every day is a battle with the perceptions around me, and with the little voice in my head that suggests everyone around me must have realized I’ve pulled off the most elaborate con in the world by founding this company and daring to lead it.

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CEO Caroline Ghosn was named one of the most creative people in business on Fast Company!!