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intro’d to Carl via bif 9 livestream.

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The measure of success is the quality of your interaction in the moment. Presence is the most important factor.

Presence is the frame of mind that enables creative action in unpredictable circumstances. Størmer came to understand this philosophy most deeply, not as a jazz musician or the head of a start-up, but as the father of two premature infants—his daughters, Hannah and Sidsel, now 18 and 14 years old. 

During this time Størmer learned that in order to keep moving he had to make decisions even without perfect information.

Personally and professionally, Størmer has lived a truth that his wife hit upon after her stroke: control is for beginners. It’s an illusion—a remnant of a past age that rejected the unconventional in favor of uniformity, certainty.

In life, as in jazz, we can never lose the tempo, Størmer says: “Real time happens second by second, but if you perfect things too long, you lose momentum. Being alive means that you have to trade perfection for forward momentum.”


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