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image is powerful, image is superficial

today for me being fearless, means being honest

these are not pictures of me, they are constructions

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daughter to Robin Chase


Cameron did a fashion photo shoot with a handful of leading ladies to help raise awareness of their causes…

don't hate the player

In the last month, every time a TV producer has contacted me, they’ve wanted to see headshots — even though they’re reaching out in response to my TEDx talk, in which I talked about the need to include women in discussions about the media. (Not bios, or clips, or anything a sane person curating a panel would ask for.)

So we did a ridiculous experiment. We took five of the most badass media-making women we could find, and turned them into glamazons. We made a mockery of what media executives want. We got a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and a clothing stylist to dress them up in Chanel and Versace, give them faces full of makeup, and do their hair. Then we photographed and filmed them.

We wanted to know how their portraits would be received. How would videos of them talking about their work be shared and discussed? How would they personally feel about the transformation?

below – Courtney Martin

courtney in cameron russells