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buildOn is a Movement from buildOn on Vimeo.

Jim Ziolkowski
Just received this powerful message from Ass’t Principal Stephanie Zaccardo at Mott Hall High School in the Bronx. I had to share it!
“Having worked with the buildOn organization closely for the past two years, it has become increasing clear to me how our school culture has shifted to embrace service to our community. Our students are eager to get involved in all buildOn activities after school and during the weekends. It is an organization I refer students to if they need to find a group of friends that will have a positive influences on them. buildOn is a part of the fabric of our school and has helped our students become more aware of their environment and develop into good citizens.”

exactly. no?

huge bravo guys.

and a nudge to all of us.….

what if much of this work wasn’t after hours… or if the schools they were building – were actually the community/city. ie: local/public maker space, recording studio, robotics studio… et al. city as school.