book binding

book bind 3

9 min video on threading: []

folded pieces/pages

book bind 7

made holes 1 inch apart.. (need odd number)

book bind 6.png

started binding – slow at first – bottom piece go back and forth.. then rest just one way.. easier once stack got higher

book bind 5.png

finished binding – took 3 hrs (don’t want to cover it up w tape/paper)

book bind 4.png

how binding looks from inside (barely visible

bood bind 2.png

but makes book lay nice and flat when open

book bind 1.png


separate (so it would lay flat) cover:

baby book front.pngbaby book back.png

baby book w innards.pngbook baby dean pkg.png


then used rhizomatic mapping ideas..


baby book collage.png


baby book back.png


s&h books front

s&h books back.png


other books.. mostly rhizomatic mapping style books:

rhizo mapping books 2