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2008-2009 – stuco &  math kids noticings (200-ish local) … many are stressed, waiting for end of day, weekend, curiosity about why we spend our days the way we do

findings: nothing is for everyone, there is nothing that isn’t both liked and disliked (people and topics and modes of practice, et al)

we ask permission to try a free-form math class, to see if we could free some time up to experiment with, look into, ways to change up how we spend our days


2009-2010 – pilot crew (30-ish local) does open source math (housed out of math/stuco classroom at hs)

findings: not enough passionate about school math

lucas requests of district curriculum dept – that kids can write their own curriculum


2010-2011 – kids (50 ish)are writing own curriculum (housed out of tech bldg at hs)

findings: even when kids write their own curriculum – for 5-9 months, hard to stick with it (that topic)

we request permission for kids to just declare – lab – then at end of year – declare any learning they want credentialing for

problem – credentialing for things that no employee at bldg is credentialed for, doesn’t get on kids transcript, even though global experts, uni profs, are amazed at what the kid has done/learned


2011-2012 – be you house – where we (30 ish local – 11 full time – via letter of intent to homeschool) practice perpetual beta – curriculum within each person – on a daily basis – unschooling (housed at be you house – a house in the city)

findings: in sticking with it – the it needs to be the person, school scheduling compromises whimsy, which then compromises grit; seem to be getting a handle on how to set an individual free

we request a flavors of success – or brain – approach to signs/evidences of learning

problem: not enough people free to play, how to get more people free, how to shorten the time period between finding what matters and finding your people, to do/learn/be the thing – that matters


2012-2013 – coffeehouse/library/robotics space/co-working space – moving around the city (30 ish local) – prototyping a curiosity app – to facilitate gatherings that matter(housed mostly in coffeehouse on main street)

findings: for this to be breathtaking enough for people to believe in non-compulsion, it needs to happen in the city – where there is an eclectic gathering of people/resources, and as the day – not after hours – not google 20%

we request 20 mill no strings attached funding, because as we get closer to a true sandbox, a true space of permission, the institution gets closer to clamping down on standards

problem: if we need people, spaces/resources, tech (curiosity app & everyone connected/access) – currently we need placebo money, how to get to the synchronicity of having all 3 of these things at the same time..

ie: a nother way

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness..


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