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paper with Kris jan 2014:

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His CLRN interview

learning is being defined as a score on a standardized test

non-cognitive outcomes tend to be important for people’s life trajectory

how are we connecting people

ultimately what we need is an assessment system for what we care about

there’s a hunger for outcomes that relate to things other than achievement scores...

Sounds very much credentialing via community. How are the people around you doing.


community matters. community as curriculum/assessment. no?


connected learning


Distribution of funding for IES grants since its creation, totaling over $3B # IESPIMtg

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Bill Penuel (@bpenuel) tweeted at 6:55 AM – 9 Jan 2018 :

Tom Brock of @IESResearch: IES needs to grow in its work to support local agencies and states in research-practice partnerships engaged in using research #IESPIMtg (

Bill Penuel (@bpenuel) tweeted at 7:30 AM on Tue, Jan 09, 2018:
IES awarded over 120 grants in 2017, overall funding rate was 16% of applications reviewed, an increase from five years ago #IESPIMtg

Bill Penuel (@bpenuel) tweeted at 7:36 AM – 9 Jan 2018 :

The Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA) details a number of the priorities of IES, and IES also seeks input from ED officials, literature, expertise to set priorities – Tom Brock of @IESResearch #IESPIMtg (