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[hey Matt.. pic from bif8 – where we first met him..]

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day 1:

8:45-10:00 a.m.

Session 1

Doug Ulman

Whitney Johnson

Easton LaChappelle

Stacy Pearsall

10:45-12:00 p.m.

Session 2

Richard Saul Wurman

Rosanne Haggerty

Howard Lindzon

James Doty

Evan Ratliff

1:15-2:30 p.m.

Session 3

Xiao Xiao

Peter Hirshberg

Ping Fu

Deb Mills-Scofield

3:00-4:30 p.m.

Session 4

Scott Heimendinger

Bruce Nussbaum

Dava Newman

Paul Van Zyl

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@skap5 opens #bif9 w/reminder of why we do what we do. stewardship – leaving things better than when we found them

@skap5 in the 21st cent we’re not going to fix things with tweaks. we need to learn how to experiment at the systems level #BIF9

@skap5 describes reading to tweeting to connecting to happening (in re: @StacyPearsall ) – as how it works today #bif9

@LIVESTRONGCEO – the bracelet democratized philanthropy ($1) while creating community #bif9

@johnsonwhitney – do we keep showing up… so that our dreams can find us? keep showing up. #bif9

@johnsonwhitney – do you dare to stir the universe… #BIF9

@johnsonwhitney – i don’t give up but do i show up @Bif9

@EastonLaChappel – the whole drive: curiosity. the whole point: finding something not yet been found. #bif9

@EastonLaChappel – when i was 14, i had an idea, so i turned to the internet.. #BIF9

@ev_rat it’s more interesting to be on the run if people are looking for you #bif9

@StanfordCCARE – step out of assumed norms.. to unleash who you are #bif9

It isn’t. World is getting smarter. “@MattMurrie: #WhatIf long-form storytelling isn’t dead? @ev_rat asks @TheBIF #BIF9 @thewhatifllc

perfect to Clive‘s book

555 Conference: TED creator Richard Saul Wurman discusses his latest gathering…

@rswurman explaining the odd/lovely pairings of www conf. & his next 555 conf. #bif9

Victor Capellan @vcapellan

Just overheard this statement and has me wondering “Learning is about remembering what we are interested in…” Saul Wurman

Jay S Daughtry M.Ed. @ChatterBachs

I carried the most powerful weapon: a camera @StacyPearsall #BIF9 h/t @ameliafriedman

#WhatIf a book of photographs can also be a book of therapy? @StacyPearsall #BIF9

Grant Garrison @garrisongrant

“I was asking questions + not getting enough answers. Get rid of all those boundaries.” 17 years old?!?! @EastonLaChappel #BIF9

Alan Harlam @aharlam

I kept asking questions-didn’t get enough answers…thinking outside the box/redefine the box @EastonLaChappel #bif9 #inspiring!!!

@EastonLaChappel now working on an exo-skeleton. I feel Isaac Asimov smiling on #bif9 and Easton!

@pfugeomagic when in doubt always error on the side of generosity #BIF9

@pfugeomagic a story of resilience – taking everything in stride – with grace #bif9

@pfugeomagic is the girl whose light never turned off. Thankfully. #BIF9 #resilience

MJ Kaplan @MJKaplan

Peter Hirschberg says that creating sustainable cities is a movement and requires government to deeply invite participation#BIF9

@hirshberg in the 60’s we protested the establishment, today we write to its api @jbrown #bif9

@hirshberg burning man – the place is an idea .. almost opposite rules of states faire #bif9

Matthew Kaplan @PeaceLoveCEO

“Art is a technique to help us see differently.” @hirshberg #BIF9

@hirshberg city as lab #bif9

@xiaosquared – oh my. just oh my. #bif9

@xiaosquared – invention as a rediscovery, a returning to… #bif9

@xiaosquared – playing a duet with yourself. from the past.. #bif9

@xiaosquared – it’s not so much about the big ideas, but about experiencing life.. #bif9

@xiaosquared – it’s absurd to ask – what’s the big idea of a city, a symphony, a life #bif9

@xiaosquared – in our world of big ideas.. it’s easy to pay attention to the theme, but in music it’s the variations that matter most #bif9

@xiaosquared – perfection can keep us from us #bif9

@xiaosquared – we can then translate/breathe the composition back into experience #bif9

@xiaosquared – come to know the city not through analysis .. but through experience #bif9

@xiaosquared – learning a new piece is a lot like learning to live in a new city #bif9

@dscofield a network is nothing if you do not share it.. #bif9

@iamctodd #rcus = random collisions of unusual suspects – @dscofield at #BIF9

@dscofield be intentional. look. take a thou perspective. #bif9

@dscofield the network is not about you/me but about going up to the other.. #bif9

@dscofield i come to bif6 and my network has never been the same #bif9

as @dscofield speaks… obvious how much she is loved #bif9


day 2:

Thursday 9/19/2013 – #BIF9 Day Two
8:30 – 8:45 a.m. Welcome, from Saul Kaplan
8:45-10:00 a.m.

Session 1

Carl Størmer

Grant Harrison

Angela Maiers

10:45-12:00 p.m.

Session 2

Conversation with Saul Kaplan, Bill Taylor and Tony Hsieh

Paul LeBlanc


Irwin Kula

1:15-2:30 p.m.

Session 3

Alexander Tsiaras

Andrew Mangino

Carmen Medina

Erminio Pinque

3:00-4:30 p.m.

Session 4

Steve Blank

JoAnn Stonier

David Butler

Alan Webber