be book {story}

Amanda on the importance of story, our story:

rhizome keri is what the hero brings to us.

it is a way of learning that allows us to get out of our rows of chairs.

the beginning middle and end

is our hero’s journey from disenchantment, lost faith, to the seed of possibility that is sprouting.


the beginning is setting the scene. familiarizing us with the old story. the roots of education. the listless classroom. (we want to move from here)

Once upon a time there was a boy. The boy was very curious. The boy’s curiosity took him everywhere.  The boy was happy. Then people decided to teach the boy how to be happier. The boy obliged. And obliged. And obliged. Parts of the boy started to die.

ie: Our county is 6th in the nation in suicide rate. Every 9 days someone takes their life. The measure we are currently using toward success, the actions we are currently using to fix problems, even to determine which problems are problems, aren’t boding us well.

the middle is the awakening. the detoxing. passion connecting to passion. (the hero’s challenge. what we overcome. our bravery. our strength.)

The world was very noisy, and very busy, and very stressed. The world couldn’t see that the boy was dying. One day, a man heard the boy crying and asked what was wrong. The boy told the man that he had lost himself, somewhere. The man leaned in. He hugged the boy.

the end is connecting. integrating. (bringing it from the singular to the we. the community as classroom. our inspiration. our why.)

Once connected by their embrace, the man noticed the boy. This made the man weep. He longed to be the boy, himself, again. He wondered if he could. And the wondering, woke him up. He began being. He became himself. The man was very curious. The man’s curiosity took him everywhere. And the man was happy.

other people wilde


The unmet need of our story:

People feeling free enough to be themselves, to practice and share their unique art/gift/genius.