astrid silva

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just meeting up with her via plenary panel of dmlconference 2013.

dml 2013

Plenary Session #1: “Remixing Citizenship, Remaking Democracy” w/ Craig Watkinsdanah boydAstrid SilvaBiko BakerCathy Cohen

connected learning

great intro of her work:

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dream big vegas:

dream big vegas

astrid on vegas seven


read this tweet:


I’ve done a lot of interviews in recent years. Over & over I’m asked “how does this make u feel?” My constant is *Frustrated* there’s no other word. I’ve been living a perpetual game of Double Dutch where I can’t jump in, just watch as the ropes swish by me. Over & over…

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right after watching this (american iranian waiting at airport for brother.. then finds out he’s being deported): []