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 5:30 – you can complete a project by dropping it

redefine success – add well being – look after human capital

1. well-being

12:30 – sleep evangelist – huffington post has two nap rooms

14 – you are your most important capital

15 – as long as success is just defined by money and power – we’ll never have time to enjoy the 2nd piece –

2. wonder

3. wisdom

two truths about human beings

at huff po – gps for the soul

4. empathy

21 – don’t buy society’s definition of success, because it’s not working for anyone, except pharmaceuticals industry.


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Arianna Huffington (formerly Stassinopoulos; born Αριάννα Στασινοπούλου; July 15, 1950) is a Greek-American author andsyndicated columnist. She is best known for her news website The Huffington Post. At one time a liberal democrat she later became a popular conservative commentator in the mid-1990s, after which she adopted liberal political beliefs in the late 1990s. She is the ex-wife of former Republican congressman Michael Huffington.

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Are You Living Your Eulogy or Your Resume?

At HuffPost we’ve made the Third Metric — redefining success beyond money and power to include well-being, wisdom and our ability to wonder and to give — a key editorial focus. But while it’s not hard to live a Third Metric life, it’s very easy not to. 

No matter how much a person spends his or her life burning the candle at both ends, chasing a toxic definition of success and generally missing out on life, the eulogy is always about the other stuff: what they gave, how they connected, how much they meant to the lives of the real people around them, small kindnesses, lifelong passions and what made them laugh.

So the question is: Why do we spend so much time on what our eulogy is not going to be?

“Eulogies aren’t résumés,” David Brooks wrote in June. “They describe the person’s care, wisdom, truthfulness and courage. They describe the million little moral judgments that emanate from that inner region.”

we shouldn’t wait until it’s our last day on Earth to begin prioritizing the things that really matter.

It shouldn’t take a near-death experience to remind us of what we’re all going to lose one day.According to Colors magazine, something called “living funeral therapy” is becoming increasingly popular in South Korea, which has the highest suicide rate of developed countries.


Otto interviewed by Arianna at davos gef14:

otto at davos

the impact of mindfulness of brain plasticity – we can rewire – form new connections

helps you become a better listener

without listening hard to do/be anything..

no place to wake up together…

we need new structure et al.. but most of all we need a new mindset.. we know how to do that on an individual level.. but not on a systems level.. which would mean to transform capitalism, or economic institutions.. from ego awareness to eco awareness..


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