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intro’d to Andrea via her article on Dasani:

In December, 2013 she wrote a 28,000-word five-part article for the Times on child homelessness in New York, focusing on a Brooklyn pre-teen named Dasani.

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amazing backlash – or appeasement of guilt – or attempt at dead aid-ness…?:

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In 2007, Elliot received the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for a series of articles on Sheik Reda Shata, an Egyptian-born imam living in Brooklyn.

In March 2006, she published a three-part series of articles on Sheik Reda Shata in The New York Times. Egyptian-born imam Sheik Reda arrived in Brooklyn one year after the September 11 attacks. The articles are about his life after he arrived in Brooklyn, and the challenges he faced as an imam in the United States.


interview on Charlie Rose about in 2010 on the jihadist next door:

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winning the pulitzer in 2007:

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