and & conversation

playing with acronyms [IDEA & IDEC] as a means to capture/paint essence..

loving IDEA’s focus – onand

idea graphic  5a

Democratic education is not a type of school or research-based practice. It isn’t one kind of learning program or philosophy. It is a frame. It’s a way of gathering together a vast and powerful set of ideas, philosophies of learning, research, school models, teaching practices, policies, and community visions so that a powerful story can be told that reclaims the “public” in public education — that is, education owned by all of us.


loving IDEC’s focus onconversation

idec graphic 5a

How to have the conversation start now, whenever now is, and so be:

 prior to the face to face time

during the face to face time

after the face to face time.

A story about people grokking what matters. Ongoing conversation.


loving the focus on d greenemocracy with a lower case d.

denoting again, the beauty/freedom/soul-ness of and.