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amy lewark 
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Amy has brought so much to the table for us. What it means to deliberately not teach, to mentor alongside, to listen without an agenda, to love a person as is, now.

She's written lab updates for us, like this.
And you'll find her words all over a be you book, like this:

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Her kids Everett and Lucy have taught us all much.


another self-portrait

amy lewark

besides her site –  linked at top of page – find/follow Amy’s fine art facebook page:

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Another incredibly insightful unschooling mom – Deb.


via Amy

Right before he (Churchill) is to meet with the King (who did not like him) on the eve of declaring war against the Germans, he was nervous, but his wife told him, “You are strong because you are imperfect, you are wise because you have doubts.”

Tonight, the Universe gave me my mantra:  “I am strong because I am imperfect; I am wise because I have doubts.”