adam ogilvie – pilot crew

adam ogilvie bw

one from the original math pilot class. brave soul.

open source math

we put out a call to the 120 students/parents already signed up for pre-ap algebra 2. wondering who might be curious/brave enough to experiment with a self-directed math class. the parents would have to sign a waiver, allowing their kid to be on a perpetual field-trip of sorts… signing off to any potential/assumed/perceived risk(s). the kid would have to have/purchase a laptop, or meet with me the summer prior to, in order to write a grant to garner enough laptops for the kids who didn’t have them.

out of about 120, about 30 took the plunge.

and plunge it was.. not so easy to self-direct school/boxed math – but we kept on keeping on:

toast to change after watching – freedom writers:

lauren, gus, kelsey, laura, chase, austin, courtney, maddie, quin, jeremy, nick, gus – again, molly, megan, jeff, croatia, kelsey (again) & erin, shannon, cody, chase (again), adam, madi, pj, ryan, jeff (again)

vicki, karina, lucas, dj, hannah, sam

a day in the pilot math class:

biking while doing boxed math:

more on self-directed pilot math class:

pilot math