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adding page this day (27 min interview w Gabor):

Is there something we can learn about ourselves from Russiagate’s all-consuming prevalence? @DrGaborMate joins me & @GrayzoneProject for a unique take on the psychological dynamics behind it: “America in Denial: Gabor Maté on the Psychology of Russiagate” https://t.co/hylvhiJXOp
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18 min – gabor: the foreign narrative is an emotionally easier way to deal with it (ie: trauma of trump presidency).. also led to journalists.. rather than digging into what actually happened.. figuring out deliberate blockages.. ie: playing defense; looking for someone to blame.. easier to go to russian narrative than to say .. we screwed up..

21 min – gabor: when there are hard emotions.. just own them.. rather than trying to find an explanation right away.. then when ready.. ask.. what actually happened here.. be really curious..t

22 min – gabor: i think most people are caught up in a tsunami of fear..t

24 min – gabor: public needs to have some sort of historic memory.. these sources that have lied in past.. be more critical..  things for years as given fact.. turns out to not be given fact

25 min – gabor: would you rather be illusioned (by lie) or disillusioned (to see the truth) .. we should be glad to see the truth.. it’s a question of looking at everything objectively



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Aaron Maté is a Brooklyn-based journalist and former host/producer for The Real News and Democracy Now!.