The Sixties – The Years That Shaped a Generation

ml king

johnson – create a great society and declare war on poverty… but escalated vietnam.. renewed hostile actions – found out later he had lied.. but before that.. was given full power for war…lens for entire decade

by 67 – 1/2 mill soldiers staged in vietnam.. at first.. everyone thought it was only counter to communism.. but then started to change.. king: i speak out against this war… my govt the greatest prevailer of violence… tide turns against war.. young people rebel.. rejecting war/violence

june 67 – summer of love – seargent peppers lonely heart club band – beatles

8 min – hate ashberry neighborhood of san fran.. the diggers.. denounced private property.. begged/borrowed/stole to offer free food.. to get food had to step through – free frame of reference… yellow square… meterless invitation.. to look at new world.. what if it’s free… have to create new forms of living.. experience them.. if they like them.. they might defend them..

9 min – denouncing materialism/competition… birth control, music, drugs… experimenting with everything

11 min – guitar players were leading the revolution..

reached moment in history.. global disaster.. enough people said no… we’re not just going thoughtlessly anymore.. got to think for ourselves..can’t trust authority

enormous/size generations.. which swamped institutions that were supposed to civilize them.. in part.. because of rock music

musicians bridged the two movements – 1\ political.. dedicated to ending nam war  2\ consciousness movement..

playing for change

didn’t have radio..tv … press.. just happened through music.. in a language that people who owned it.. didn’t even understand..

13 min – word of mouth .. about thing happening in monterey – summer of love.. opened by jimi hendrix.. ends performance by setting his guitar on fire… on stage.. grand gesture.. destruction of old social order…

making a statement through music rather than through violence..

16 min – nothing more or exhilirating or seduction than a change in consciousness

17 min – across the bay – black panthers – hewey newton..

19 min – newark – burst into flames.. detroit: 5000 troops with unloaded weapons on detroit..

20 min – hoover trying to convince communist plot.. instead found racism.. but soon nam overshadows war on poverty

22 min – johnson explaining nam… to preserve independence.. but not at all… sent us troops to prevent

23 min – anti war.. focus on draft…. 1/4 of us army is black… ali: refusing to be drafted

24 min – 67 – stop the draft – march – 1st time since 1932 – federal troops guard capital…

50 000 surround pentagon saying ohm.. claiming they would levitate it..

25 min – something happened to johnson and macnamara that day… answers become the pentagon papers

27 min – people outside were driven by moral terms.. inside.. by ambition/calculation/political-logic/survival/cynicism

28 min – are we going to tear apart.. or will we come together..

68 – the pivotal year…

by 68 – nam had claimed over 15 000 lives

29 min – the powerful had ceased to be responsible .. so the powerless (ie: students, workers) were trying to take responsibility.. and say.. here’s how things should go

mccarthy senator from minnesota – attracted large army of students.. the childrens crusade

30 min – surprise attack .. viet cong guerriellas storm embacy… shattered illusion of american omnipotence… s viet nams police chielf coldly killing guerriella

32 min – walter cronkite goes to nam and comes back and reports

33 min – more of the same.. give us another 10 1000 troops.. cronkite… time to get out.. like earthquake going thru white house… gives life to mccarthy campaign… attracting celebrities… like paul newman

34 min – mccarthy and youth gang… and then robert kennedy run for pres… johnson under pressure… says will not seek nomination for another term of president.. people felt they had won… seemed anything could happen now.. mccarthy or kennedy could be pres

36 min – tennessee strike of garbage workers – just got tired being treated less than men..sign said: i am a man..  king to memphis to support men on strike

38 min – king’s start of anti poverty – group – part of which from fbi (didn’t know at time) – awful destruction.. people losing faith in king’s non violent movement

39 min – king’s speech – we will get to the promised land.. i’m not fearing any man..

41 min – next day.. king seemed rejuvenated.. meets with others.. including jesse jackson.. then shot.. didn’t think he’d live till he was 40.. shot at 39

42 min – reaction was a violent rage.. in chicago.. police ordered.. shoot to kill… many feared last hope for racial equality and non-violence was over

43 min – song: troubles of the world..

salesee – world needs.. love.. troubles..

44 min – in shock for a very long time..

45 min – higher ed – children of working class people – very high expectations – 68 – year of students.. 7 mill enrolled in campus.. and rebellion on campus was huge.. ie: intellectual activity.. not relevant

46 min – columbia uni in ny – stop construction of uni gym that would take over park in harlem – students occupy several campus buildings..

47 min – one of places women’s lib was born – in those buildings.. ie: why women in charge of food

48 min – playfulness.. makes uni pres.. say.. all forms against authority.. call police in.. feces.. throwing prof files out.. (politician)… but from (students) .. files/papers were about ie: how to clean out blacks in neighborhood, etc… pres kirk forced to resign

internationally –  students demanding diff… then called.. spoiled.. et all kids… but that couldn’t have been true in ie: germany, japan… so this psych argument didn’t make sense..

51 min – french student revolution – all power to the imagination… anti capitalist.. but just part of general/complete/cultural revolution.. so furthest out.. also one place where workers joined with students and almost toppled govt..

imagination ness

52 min – may 10 –

53 min – carlos fuentes.. let us change the world/life

54 min – change french ed.. and socialism

55 min – mccarthy calling for change in: cia, fbi, and draft… but kennedy thought more broad followers.. ie: not just students but workers and women.. one thing that happened to him .. to change his ways from his role as attorney general.. was his brother being murdered.. kennedy said his change was from reading albert kamu…

58 min – country wants peace in nam – kennedy – he won nomination.. then shot

59 min – kennedy’s train transported by train.. 1000s appear along tracks in silent tribute… an era ended w kennedy’s death..  fragmented us.. we became a generation of might have beens

1:00 – repub convention a world apart.. nixon.. yearning for stability/law/order  … nixon: long dark night for americans is about to end

1:01 – but at demo convention.. world was falling apart

1:03 – chicago mayor: law and order

aug 28 – everything exploded… young protestor climbed flag pole and lowered american flag.. police charged..

1:04 – under glare of tv cameras.. police attack – a police riot… replayed countless times…

1:06 – russian tanks invade praque.. praque spring.. movement grew .. that thought it would change the world.. just like we did.. it happened for them.. but paid a big price for almost 30 yrs before it happened..

1:07 – fuentes and other writers go to prague.. a revolution to give socialism a human face.. take care of society but also protect personal freedom

1:08 – so 68 – paris, chicago, praque, and not mexico city… oct 2 – students fill plaza.. then helicopter overhead… when what students wanted.. was freedom.. imagine that.. masacre: night of sorrow.. worst disaster of 68… but barely no one noticed.. mexican govt masked it.. but.. became night govt lost legitimacy..

1:09 – masacre takes place just before olympics in mexico city.. world heard very little about student massacre.. but all heard about olympics.. wasn’t anti american.. but pro human

1:10 – black power salute.. two.. with one white guy in front not saluting..

1:11 – susan brownmiller – women meeting.. women’s issues.. ie: unwanted pregnancy… a first for women to say – yes.. i had an illegal abortion… 100 women converge on miss america pageant in atlantic city…  people didn’t realize women might not like it (pageant ness)… first national action

1:13 – famous for bra burning that never happened (couldn’t get fire permit).. sparked social revolution that is still under way

1:14 – wanting law and order.. george wallace (ind) is their man – could work up crowd to a frenzy… part of speech: come up after and i’ll sign your sandals… good hair cut could cure you.. then singing.. god bless america my home sweet home


1:17 – nixon’s.. the selling of the president… so strategized

1:18 – talking of nixon, humphrey.. et al

sounds like today.. deciding which president would not be the worst..

1:19 – very few people voted.. and we were wrong..

one of missed opps.. was not to imagine how many agreed with them.. and to speak out more

pluralistic ignorance..

1:20 – nixon wins by less than 1% – war carries on 6/7 more yrs… and reagan gov of ca… together lead rebellion of anti war movement

1:21 – 134 day strike at san fran state college – black studies dept.. reagan et al.. pres hiacowa – hitman for reagan.. goes on to become senator

1:24 – in our leisure time.. we will make the social revolution…

1:25 – protestors trying to kill police.. gov reagan says: if it takes a blood bath.. let’s get it over with… calls in national guard.. occupies berkley for a month.. leaving community broken hearted and demoralized..

1:26 – july 20 – walk on moon.. day before .. ted kennedy.. car accident.. goes off bridge.. nixon veers right..that was when 60s ended

1:27 – woodstock – 3 days – largest/last pop festival of its time..

woodstock doc (can’t find it/notes on site)

1:29 – next big festival very violent.. destructive.. ending that counter culture.. next few years.. janis joplin, morrison, hendrix.. all dead .. from over dose..

1:30 – movement to become land based.. to get below asphalt – retreat from urban environment – people’s farm

1:31 – nixon’s new strategy – viet nam ization..  simultaneously ordering massive secret bombings.. kissinger et al..

1:32 – more americans died.. and viet nam ize.. during nixon.. we’re on our way getting out years.. than kennedy johnson years put together.. – protests through out all cities in one day

1:33 – nixon was making secret threats to nam.. to soviets..and vietnamese – that we was prepared to use nuclear weapons

protests: give peace a chance..

1:33 – nixon: i ask for your support.. i pledged to end the war.. in a way we could win the peace.. i’ve initiated a plan of action for that.. north vietnam can defeat/humiliate u.s. only u.s. can do that

1:36 – spock et al.. march against death to capital

1:37 – 70 – nixon announces amer troops enter cambodia…

1:38 – anti war so huge.. doesn’t require leader… relationship between generations had cracked up… movement moving left.. country moving right

1:39 – panthers.. move from service (feeding breakfast to youth) to siege (defend)

1:40 – demise of black panther party.. crept… gangs..crips.. they were direct counter.. to denial of black panther party

1:41 – people you trusted began to flip out.. saying.. if not ready to pick up the gun.. (from gal that is throughout..)

to realize elders are willing to see you die for an unworthy cause.. threw us into a moral abyss

1:42 – william kelly.. revealing of secret bombings of cambodia and laos

1:43 – 71 april.. vets bring message to dc… calling for court to declare war unconstitutional

1:45 – zinn: vets protesting against the war.. huge..


returning war awards…. i’d like to say one thing to people of vietnam: god i’m sorry

1:46 – 73.. agreement signed and men sent home… then ellsberg leaks pentagon papers.. secretly copied 7000 papers


1:47 – kissinger – not one of pentagon papers did damage to nixon.. but rather.. kennedy and johnson

1:48 – kept saying.. we know stuff you don’t know.. then papers show.. there was no justification

plumbers (of nixon) caught going after ellsberg.. watergate

1:49 – 74 – nixon resigns under threat of impeachment..

ellsberg: without nam war .. no pentagon papers/watergate.. also w/o watergate war would have gone on

1:50 – civil rights to anti war to women to gay

60s – down a number of channels.. people of diff sorts.. saying.. world doesn’t have to be way it has been

1:51 – former activist remember 60s as time felt in power.. for others.. 60s seemed a disturbing time.. ie: age of selfishness/self-indulgence/anti-authority/start-of-drug-problem… beatles.. trashing amer flag..dodging draft..

1:52 – me and my friends.. taking drugs.. but also studying how to make lives better… fact that this came out of contradictory people is not a reason to invalidate them

important for youth to feel they can make a change..it would be good to see that happen again

indeed .. a nother way

rev in reverse et al




In 1919, roughly one in five industrial workers were involved in strikes and lockouts in the United States, more than four million in total.

“We were living in a time of great dreams—dreams of co-operation between the working peoples of the world…dreams of dignity and plenty for all, dreams of lasting international peace.” – Agnes Nestor, International Glove Workers Union


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