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unilever sustainable living:

unilever sustainable living

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july 2015

Chennai-Born Rapper Takes On Unilever For Mercury Contamination


the video takes an undisguised jab at Unilever for its failure to clean up mercury contamination or compensate workers affected by its thermometer factory in Kodaikanal.


In 2001, residents of Kodaikanal uncovered a dumpsite with toxic mercury waste from a thermometer factory run by Unilever’s Indian subsidiary Hindustan Lever. The 7.4 ton stockpile of crushed mercury-containing glass was found in sacks spilling onto the ground in a scrap yard. Unilever had also dumped mercury containing waste in part of the Shola forests within the company’s property.

in past 14 yrs – done nothing to clean it up or compensate families (from video)


unilever threatens to pull facebook et al.. ads

Important! FB’s #1 advertiser threatens to pull their $$’s until they clean it up – powerful move bc advertisers, not users, are social media’s true customers. Now let’s get the other 9/10 advertisers on Facebook to speak up – use your voice! https://t.co/TcYopUrz3X

Unilever threatens to pull advertising from platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, if they don’t do more to combat the spread of fake news, hate speech and divisive content. wsj.com/articles/unile…

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