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Why are so many teen girls in the US attempting suicide? Join our LIVE discussion now on YouTube and share your thoughts in the chat.

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The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone and teenage girls in the US have faced particular difficulties, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

notes/quotes from livestream:

jessica taylor (licenced professional counselor): females more susceptible to anxiety/depression.. big thing is accessible ness.. (to help)

jonathan singer (@socworkpodcast): we often think of suicide as individual issue.. when it’s a structural/societal/community issue.. kids experiencing a sense that this might not be a world worth living in.. this might be a society that values some people over others .. females attempt/die 3x as much as males.. reason (for successful attempts) is methodology..

hari present in society law

girl – geela: isolation.. and political structure in place.. lonely but not the only one.. aware of others.. but don’t know best way to connect or reach out

jessica: i think the pandemic has removed easy access to connect .. raised social anxiety.. and many have no way to outlet that anxiety.. no way to connect..

geela: esp on having that one adult that accepts who you are (for her – lgbt).. and making sure not to criticize.. comes down.. in a way.. to being told.. you are too sensitive.. how to move past that

jonathan: %’s go up and down.. not linear..

jessica: hard thing.. language barrier.. and then.. how do i communicate my needs.. parents were having hard time taking care of selves.. so how take care of teens

she was talking basic needs as in food, water, shelter, et al.. but this goes deeper.. ie: essential needs – which all of us are lacking..

language as control/enclosurerumi words lawrogers understand law – et al

we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening .. to self/others/nature

[clip on effects of pandemic – missing out on things like sports, band, hugging friends, .. ]

jessica: it’s not that there are no support systems.. it depends on community.. but it’s safety first.. ie: do i go to work and make money.. or stay home to help monitor kids (during pandemic).. hard for parents hard for kids

host question: how can we recover someone who has suicidal thoughts..

jonathan: bringing down rates.. have to address.. why someone would not want to live in world.. could be bullying et al.. but also could be soceital structures..

it’s all societalsea world

jonathan: best thing you can do is listen to them

g: to educate others on this.. make sure i’m not scared to tell them when something triggers me.. i want to make sure they’re aware and let them process it.. also practice values of valuing/appreciating.. appreciate that they are choosing to be this vulnerable to begin with.. if someone in that place of that.. what can you do.. what can you incorp from daily habits.. to help those in needs

diana chao: helpful to remember we’re not the knight in shining armer (thinking i can/should fix it).. point is to be there in a non overwhelming manner..

listen deep.. on call 24/7.. et al

jessica: importance of separating behavior (staying in bed et al) from person.. so often we get caught up in our expectations we have a hard time intentionally checking in ..

maté parenting law.. graeber parent/care law.. et al

jonathan: people express suicidal attempt.. and people ignore them.. by saying.. ie: you have it so good..

host question: what helped you

geela: my friends.. not to underestimate the value of .. how are you?.. even if not answered the first time.. ie: friend that keeps asking till i answer.. i absolutely love her and am so greatful for that.. then too.. if i don’t want to talk.. they do small things to support me.. ie: get food for me

host: opencounseling dot com you are not alone