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streetlight data

co-founder: Laura Schewel

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Streetlight acquires and analyzes anonymous data from G.P.S. and cellular devices—information that’s useful for energy conservationists (how do we drive?), business owners (which corner is best for a grocery store?), and urban planners (where to put the parking garage?)

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Our mission is to transform the way information about transportation and mobility behavior is used across business, government, and research. We strive to make it easy, affordable and intuitive to incorporate transportation and mobility behavior into decision making throughout the world. 

Through our pioneering approach to the use of location data, StreetLight will:

  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum use in vehicles, especially by reducing miles driven. 

  • Improve quantity and quality of in-store commerce for retail clients.

  • Equip small and medium businesses with analytic tools that are affordable and easy to use. 

  • Create a new source of knowledge about how people use cities and make that knowledge available to researchers.

  • Set the bar for data privacy in mobile analytics.

    With software that she and her team developed, Schewel can type in an address and find the demographics of the people who drive by or stop near that location. The system shows when they drive by, how frequently, and even what neighborhoods they’re coming from. (Importantly, Schewel’s algorithms analyze the movements of groups of these devices, rather than individual units. That means StreetLight’s analytics can’t be reverse-engineered to reveal any given individual’s movements.) 

    The information is appealing to customers far beyond the transportation–policy world. A medical office, an auto repair shop, and a small restaurant chain have been using StreetLight’s software to help them decide where to open new locations and place billboards. 


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