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Perhaps what matters most is figuring out what matters most.

What we have

1. people who want their days to matter

2. tech that can aggregate/organize large amounts data, et al

3. space – where we are now

4. time – now

What we need

1. people who believe they own the mattering of their days [most don’t believe it’s legal/possible to think for themselves, be themselves]

2. a means (perhaps tech) to connect people in a more timely/serendipitous manner [grounds chaos if everyone is thinking for themselves]

3. an ecosystem (perhaps a city) full of eclectic spaces, people, resources [a huge sandbox]

4. time (perhaps the day), this can’t be after hours [well it can, but not if we’re seeking #1]

If people are doing/being things that don’t matter to them, there’s little sustainability/thrivability/betterness. What you do and who you are needs to matter to you. When intention meets the day, agency matters. Perhaps what matters most is figuring out what matters most. People need time and space to do/be that.
We’re experimenting with the intersection of city and school. Seeking to scale each individual by crowdsourcing their curiosities into gatherings/connections that matter to them. To ground that inevitable chaos we’re crafting a match dot com (meet up) type app, to listen to curiosity.
Perhaps redefining school in this manner (aka: revolution of everyday life for all of us) could get at the root of all problems/solutions/life.

We believe what’s not yet been tried is a city-wide, during-the-day movement.

  1. city-wide, in the city, space – so that it’s playing out within a cross-generational, eclectic community of people. [ie: not just getting better within a 3rd grade classroom, a school, a business]

  2. during-the-day, as the day, time – so that it is the day. [ie: not just tacked onto the day, not just after hours]

If this plays out like we’re anticipating, in even just one city, it could be enough evidence for people to start believing they can do it too. anywhere. today.

Because of our unhealthy state, overwhelmed with busyness, stress, and policy, perhaps money could provide a synchronicity to hasten dreams/visions (by helping people not think about money). Perhaps that hastening will help people see/believe enough to hasten global equity (everyone gets a go). To free people, spaces and tech, all at once, to model this vision of a healthy future, we’re seeking 20 million. [A ballpark figure: 1/that amount is being thrown around nationwide for race to the to initiatives; 2/it could be the future monetary value in a community if we did ed funding differently, ie: per census, and/or if we start practicing a time/talent share economy.]

Perhaps we redefine success. everyday.

In old age the emphasis shifts from doing to being, and our civilization, which is lost in doing, know nothing of being. It asks: being? What do you do with it?   – Echart Tolle

too much.

flavors of success.. begin being.


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