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a new love.

holy cow.

you’re not crazy – there’s a name for that.


film from opening plenary 2013- via fastcompany post

love image at 4:01 – moving between silos

3:20 – Premal – the power of a correct idea, spreads so quickly that scale happens at a never before pace..

4:45 – Joifrugal engineering happens in the absence of abundance, living in a frugal society doesn’t mean you’re disadvantaged, it means you’re advantaged in thinking from the perspective of efficiency

5:00 – Premal – so wonderful to see the reverse

Joi – we’re trying to fix things with resources, rather than with understanding

6:20 – as we become more interconnected, .. we become more conscious

Premal – the problems of this world demand – audacious thinking


tweets from skollwf14:

reverse order from here day 2:

we are one. one love. – Stephan Chambers closing #SkollWF

in africa we need: 1. to improve access to electricity 2. improve mechanism for leadership – @TonyOElumelu #SkollWF

we should all have a reason to wake up everyday – @TonyOElumelu #SkollWF (the thing we can’t not do ness)

rt @SocIntLeague

Planetlab is providing 24/7 satellite imagery of spaceship earth. Now that’s cool. #skollwf

street people have a lot of great entrepreneurial skills – do you have advice to help them actualize – ? from @ghislain_M #SkollWF

how do we get ourselves to dream bigger than having food on the table – (in re to thinking beyond immediate) ? from @AimeeNoella #SkollWF

we need to be about creating spaces – @TonyOElumelu #SkollWF (spaces of permission with nothing to prove – ness)


. @planetlabs to launch Mission One Alliance to help NGOs who don’t have geodata-expertise to access and use satellite data. #SkollWF #data

rt @BWarburg

Democratized satellite imagery for humanitarian purposes…or as @wsm1 says, “A line scanner for the planet!”- Planet Labs @ #SkollWF

goosebumps?, cried?, learned?, connected?, .. great measurements.. – Stephan Chambers #SkollWF

a few caring people can change the world – we can’t give up on them – on us – @JehaneNoujaim #SkollWF

the danger of just one story… leaning into the closeness of – if i was you – ness – grazie @ @santoscalisto #SkollWF

in the name of preserving culture our govts often kill it @DrNaif #SkollWF

reverse order from here day 1:
the bathroom trick – @sebfriends & Bill Drayton – sounds like @susancain restorative niches – if you listen don’t have to talk #SkollWF

humility – willingness to learn from anyone #SkollWF q&a – how do you clean your mind to keep this balance..

as the rate of change has accelerated.. we are no longer guided by rules but internally – Bill Drayton #SkollWF

a world where everyone takes initiative.. you don’t have to have a rule book.. but do need good architecture – Bill Drayton #SkollWF

how do we develop – ongoingly changing – systems – Bill Drayton #SkollWF

authenticity – is about seeing yourself as us.. Kelvin Taketa #SkollWFni

the biggest challenge we are facing – is the pressure to be someone else – @sebfriends #SkollWF

i knew i had to do.. in order to know what to do.. i just asked the kids. – @sebfriends #SkollWF – quiet leaders

all the walls are going away – constantly be reinventing the game – Bill Drayton #SkollWF

trust matters – Bill Drayton #SkollWF