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Reported by the Times of India: On an average, 40,297 Indians die of the mosquito-borne disease every year. Overall, the number of malaria cases is 9.75 million.

Ruchi Shah is a college freshman at the prestigious Scholars for Medical program at Stony Brook University, accepted directly from high school — and she’s in the process of patenting an all natural and affordable mosquito repellant that she began creating when she was a high school sophomore.

I am thankful that my parents encouraged this curiosity by conducting household experiments with me.

What inspired a high school sophomore to create a mosquito repellent? Here’s Ruchi’s story:

I still remember the unbearably hot sun, the beeping rickshaws, and the sticky clothes on my back as I walked into a clinic three years ago on a trip to India. My loving uncle was diagnosed with dengue fever and I will never forget the look of pain in his eyes. But more than that, I will never forget seeing the long line of people outside of a tiny clinic waiting to get treatment for mosquito transmitted diseases. These diseases, ranging from dengue fever and malaria to West Nile virus and yellow fever, are the cause of millions of deaths worldwide, yet control methods have become a dilemma due to the development of resistance by mosquitoes and increased concern about health and environmental hazards.

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this isn’t (doesn’t need to be ) rare.

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