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director – Matt Hern

[faculty member of purple thistle institute – Astra Taylor]

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What we are:

  • Youth (participant) run, primarily via the staff collective – it is very easy to participate in decision-making and understand how we work
  • Engaging in a radical way of organizing: horizontal, directly democratic, respectful, flat, open to all, permeable, collective.
  • An explicitly anti-oppressive space – we are aggressive about the Thistle being a project that confronts inequality and inequity in all its guises.
  • Free for all
  • We take care of each other – we are interested in radical generosity and a gift economy
  • Politically overt, but not ideologically pure. We are radically organized and many of us will call ourselves activist, but you don’t have to be an activist or even be especially political to be part of the Thistle. And we won’t make you feel bad if you’re not really interested in politics.
  • We want to work with people who are nice, think of each other, share their food, care about stuff, and have opinions and ideas – just don’t be an asshole, OK?
  • We are an alternative to school for many (a deschooling centre) – but you are totally welcome here if you are in school, college, university or some kind of training. We won’t think ill of you at all if you are in school.
  • We are low to the ground and DIT (doin’ it together) – we make things, often together and sometimes on our own!
2015 – closing of purple thistle:

feb 2015 – windsor house moves into purple thistle space (via Heidi – who’s kids go there):


windsor house