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norton productivity law: it takes getting nothing done to make us human againQuinn Norton


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Most importantly, for creative people, there’s just that one measuring stick for whether or not we’re legit and successful, and it’s fucked. (

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huge to spaces of permission – with nothing to prove. huge to sustainability. huge  to mindset of trust.

John Cage‘s silence

luxury – gaiman\degrasse whatever law

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Not many people in my situation have stories that go as well as mine. I think all the time about all the lives we throw away in America.

zinn energy law

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from refusal of work


kathi weeks: productivist ethics assume that productivity is what defines and refines us, so that when human capacities for speech, intellect, thought and fabrication are not directed to productive ends, they are reduced to mere idle talk/curiosity/thoughts/hands, their non instrumentality a shameful corruption of these human qualities. even pleasure are describe as less worthy when they are judged to be idle (weeks 2011)

how the wider moralisation of work might impact upon everyday attempts to resist employment


in Hannah Arendt‘s on violence:


he (marx) regarded the state as an instrument of violence in the command of the ruling class; but the actual power of the ruling class did not consist of or rely on violence. it was defined by the role the ruling class played in society, or more exactly, by its role in the process of production


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“Our economies has become vast engine for producing nonsense” – David Graeber. #Fact (


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What many people feel during empty moments or deliberate experiments at meditation is a churning unease that says “I should be doing something”. This cultural compulsion is so strong that even spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer are easily converted into just another thing to do, moments mortgaged to the campaign of improving life.


from rutger bregman‘s utopia for realists:


as kevin kelly says – ‘productivity is for robots. humans excel at wasting time, experimenting playing, creating, and exploring.’ governing by numbers is the last resort of a country that no longer knows what it wants, a country w no vision of utopia..


article – productivity isn’t maturity –

So many of us use being busy, or what I call “anxious doing,” to calm ourselves down.. People move towards real maturity when they .

ie: itch-in-the-soulcure ios citya nother way

When you lead with your best thinking, instead of your anxiety, you may find that a fulfilling life is full of unfinished tasks.

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