6 min – financially he’s probably in a better situation than me.. and most people.. he has no debts.. doesn’t have same stress as many of us regular folk do

he’s happy and he’s in a good place w himself.. isn’tthat what we all strive for.. happiness..

martin: i think happiness is an illusion.. this simple things in life that make me happy are.. reading a book.. feeding the pigeons.. christmas.. coming of spring.. summer… snow.. even rain.. thunder and lightening even..

donal: when was the last time you were unhappy.. martin: i can’ t think of unhappiness.. i couldn’t describe it to you

donal: what do you think makes me happy..  martin: i don’t think you could ever be happy.. because you’re looking to find happiness

martin: what makes you happy   donal: god i wish i could answer that question.. well.. because i come from a diff life than you.. what makes me happy is financial stability.. people.. communication.. my work..

donal: but you’d never consider yourself homeless..  martin: no

donal: where is home ..  martin: home is in the intellectual capacity to be happy

donal: how would you like to be remembered..   martin: yes.. but who’d be remembering..

martin: you see when you leave little to be remembered by.. there is little to remember..



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